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Disizart is a unique collection of photographic wall art prints that inspire creativity, provoke thought, alter perceptions & shift paradigms.

Behind every photograph lies a story captured in time, an encapsulated glimpse into a parallel universe. 
Our inspiration is drawn from the way we see the magical world around is, our subjects cover street photography, life from around the planet, travel photography - presenting a uniquely alternative view of your favorite places in the world, and abstract photography artwork - exploring the realms of infinite possibilities and various themes.


We don’t just create beautiful art, we seek to communicate the story, meaning and message behind it, depicting life happening as it is, raw and uncut, simply & beautifully.


Wall Art Hong Kong Photography

Travel through time and space.

Get drawn into the photography. As you stare at the artwork, you begin to engage in a dialogue with the artist. It's a tango, a journey into the endless realm of possibilities, people, places and things you have never seen before. For a moment, alter your perception of what is and what could be.

Disizart will bring your surroundings to life!

Imagine all the places where you can put your prints up. Picture how your surrounding`s begin to come to life, what was once dull, now seems effortlessly burst with color and character.

Your Wall. Your Table. Your Bedroom. Your Kitchen. Your Living Room. Your Office. Your College Dorm Room. To Hang or Not To Hang? To Frame or not to Frame?

It's Your Home. Your Rules. Your Art.


Living Room Wall Art Decor Photography Art Therapy


Treat Yourself, This Is Art Therapy!

When was the last time that you treated yourself to something beautiful and refreshingly authentic? Our photography prints will speak and relate to you in some form or another. Whether it is the feeling of the world feeling smaller yet being so vast and diverse. Or whether it is feeling more connected to you and the world around you. Whatever it is, you know there is something universal about this art - disizart!


Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You decide what the print means to you and why you want it!


Disizart of Dog 




Disizart.com is a young Hong Kong based start-up dedicated to providing the world with affordable, authentic and quality works of art. 
Our photography prints come in a universal size of 12 X 12 inches, allowing the artwork to complement any style, in any room.
Please note that due to the different resolutions of different computer monitors, the artwork may appear more vibrant online than it actually is. 
You are very important to us. We are committed to 100% positive experience and customer satisfaction! Please read our return policy.